San Francisco, USA

Fri 23 Feb 2018 - Sun 25 Feb 2018

PHOTOFAIRS are dedicated to presenting fine art photography and moving image from leading international galleries and their artists in dynamic and cutting-edge destinations around the world. Through a highly curated approach, PHOTOFAIRS provides an elegant and vibrant environment for both established and new collectors.

This is the first time for the Ravestijn Gallery to participate bringing the following artists: Scheltens & Abbenes (NL), Ruth van Beek (NL), Eva Stenram (SE/UK), Mona Kuhn (BR/US) and Freudenthal/Verhagen (NL). The installation entitled 'Metalepsis'  by Darren Harvey-Regan (UK) is on show in the Staged exhibition.

The Guardian highlighted the best works here!
Metalepsis, 2013PhotoFairsTrailer #1: Pink Tulip, 2016Trailer #4: Red Anemone, 2016Part 2, 2014Part 7, 2014Part 8, 2014Drape X, 2012Drape (Colour I), 2011Drape (Colour II), 2011Detail from Harlequinade (2016)The Situation Room (Four figures with blue hair), 2016The Messenger 2016The Situation Room (Two figures) 2016Ruth van Beek / Untitled (figure 9) 2017Ruth van Beek / Untitled (figure 2) 2017Ruth van Beek / Untitled (two figures in a purple room) 2017Study of Back #1, 2018Bushes & Succulents: Succulents 1, 2018Bushes & Succulents: Bushes 5, 2018Bushes & Succulents: Succulents 6, 2018Bushes & Succulents: Bushes 7, 2018Bushes & Succulents: Succulents 5, 2018Bushes & Succulents: Succulents 2, 2018Axilia, 2018Study of back #2, 2018Leg and sole, 2018
Metalepsis, 2013
Title: Metalepsis, 2013
Print size: ca 120 x 560 cm
Edition of 5
Various techniques incl. mounting and framing